A love story

I turned you on. You looked so fine
You purred at me like you were mine
We walked together in the sun
Inseparable, my only one
And Summers came and Summers went
Our times together Heaven sent

You worked so hard to do your job
With gnarled visage and wonky knob
You tried to tell me you weren’t well
I pushed you hard, put you through hell
And when you could go on no more
Your battered frame I never saw

And when your illness got so bad
You had to leave, and I was sad
But then I just abandoned you
And started dating someone new
A younger, pretty substitute
Who looked the part, so new and cute

But looks mean nought, a mere veneer
And now I wish that you were here
And as you lie in hospital
You need to know that you’re my girl
I need you fit, and back on track
I need my precious mower back!!

Love from H xx