Hall of Fame

SCC Awards (since 2000)

Player’s Player AwardMan of the Match AwardThe Thirsty Bowler’s TankardBatting CupFielding Cup2nd XI Player of the YearYoung Player of the YearGeorge & Dragon AwardRichard Moon Award
2022O. CreesB. BrandtH. Dunmall JnrO. CreesN. FowlerM. FlemingtonA. NashP. WoodW. Plunkett
2021O. CreesB. Brandt & J. WatersM. JeffreysB. BrandtO. CreesJ. RocheA. NashJ. WatersW. Plunkett
2020A. Nash
2019M. JeffreysM. JeffreysM. Jeffreys & H. Dunmall JnrB. BrandtT. HintonN. FowlerJ. PriceH. Dunmall SnrW. Coffin
2018D. BoothD. BoothC. BarkhanJ. WatersD. BoothI. SidhuJ. PriceB. HarrisonB. Roberts
2017T. HintonJ. HughesC. BarkhanB. BrandtJ. HughesT. HintonH. Dunmall JnrN. HowellB. Roberts
2016E. WessonM. JeffreysP. RocheJ. WatersO. CreesD. HarrisL. WatermanO. CreesM. Steyn
2015P. Roche & J. WatersE. WessonH. FitzgeraldJ. HughesD. HarrisM. FlemingtonJ. RocheA. BrownB. White
2014O. CreesM. Jeffreys, P. Dixon & J. WatersM. JeffreysM. JeffreysJ. ChambersP. RocheG. FitzgeraldC. PannellE. Chambers
2013B. DurlingB. DurlingM. JeffreysB. BrandtB. HarrisonF. BoothH. FitzgeraldA. Harrison
2012D. BoothD. BoothM. JeffreysJ. HughesJ. WatersB. HarrisonM. Flemington
2011D. BoothM. Jeffreys & D. BoothD. BoothB. DurlingO. CreesD. HillhouseP. Colman
2010J. HughesJ. HughesP. DixonD. BoothO. CreesB. BrandtF. Booth
2009O. CreesA. TraceP. RocheO. RentonA. EamesJ. FlemingtonP. Colman
2008T. DanbyD. BoothD. BoothT. DanbyP. GreenO. CreesJ. Moon
2007D. BoothD. BoothP. EamesO. RentonJ. HughesS. BeggA. Brown
2006P. DixonO. Lloyd-JamesO. RentonD. HarrisJ. HughesJ. Chambers
2005O. RentonP. RocheO. RentonP. TraceS. WillanB. Straw
2004D. BoothP. ColmanP. RocheA. EamesM. GloverF. Booth
2003D. BoothR. WarnerD. HarrisD. BoothJ. Hughes
2002P. ColmanR. WarnerR. BamfordO. RentonP. Dixon
2001P. EamesR. WarnerA. EamesI. StonemanP. Colman
2000M. HardingC. WatlingJ. MoonP. Bamford

Most successful award winners (since 1969)

Player’s Player AwardMan of the Match AwardThe Thirsty Bowler’s TankardBatting CupFielding CupGeorge & Dragon Award
5 – D. Booth5 – D. Booth6 – P. Roche4 – B. Brandt
O. Renton
R. Warner
R. Burdon
5 – D. Harris3 – P. Colman
J. Moon
J. Hughes Snr
4 – O. Crees4 – M. Jeffreys5 – M. Jeffreys
P. Eames
3 – F. Booth
D. Stocks
D. Atcherley-Symes
4 – O. Crees2 – N. Hunter
J. Smith
H. Dunmall Snr
F. Booth
D. Giannini
B. Ormerod
A. Brown
1 – everyone else2 – J. Waters
J. Hughes Jnr
B. Brandt
3 – D. Morley-Clark
D. Booth
M. Mitchell
2 – P. Eames
P. Roche
J. Waters
J. Hughes Jnr
3 – A. Eames
H. Dunmall Snr
1 – everyone else

Captains, Chairmans and Presidents

1st XI Captain2nd XI CaptainChairmanPresident
Ben Brandt (2020 – )Ben Harrison (2019 – )Nick Coffin (2016 – )Denis Giannini (2017 – )

Club records (since 2008)

Statistics are taken from all senior-level cricket, including friendlies. Records are up to date as of the end of the 2022 season.

Most games played312 – Ollie Crees
Most runs6373 – James Hughes
Most centuries12 – James Hughes and Oscar Renton
Most half-centuries40 – James Hughes
Most ducks30 – Harry Dunmall
Highest individual score193* – Oscar Renton v Chevening Amblers, 2009
Highest partnership288* – Oscar Renton & Tom Danby v Chevening Amblers, 2009
Highest batting average (min. 10 innings)54.08 – Oscar Renton
Most overs bowled1596 – Mike Jeffreys
Most wickets317 – Mike Jeffreys
Most maidens270 – David Booth
Lowest bowling average (min. 20 wickets)14.01 – Paul W Eames
Lowest economy rate (min. 20 wickets)3.21 – Paul W Eames
Best bowling figures6/8 – Owain Lloyd-James v Shoreham, 2011
Most wicket-keeping catches85 – Ed Wesson
Most stumpings30 – Howard Dunmall
Most fielding catches118 – Ollie Crees
Most run-outs13 – Ben Harrison


Mr D. Atcherley-Symes
Mr P. Bamford
Mr R. Barclay
Mr J. Brant
Mr P.W. Eames
Mr D. Glass
Mr J. Hughes Snr
Mr N. Hunter
Mr B. Mills
Mr B. Ormerod
Mr R. Perry
Mr G. Powell
Mr P. Spokes
Mrs A. Harrison
Mr H. Dunmall Snr