Junior Cricket

We are in the process of recording some videos of different types of practice for our least experienced young cricketers (up to School Year 3) The videos are being produced by some of our talented coaches with the help of their families and will be posted here when they have been produced. You will receive an email when they are available

The videos set out below all come from the highly regarded My Cricket Coach site on YouTube and are free to use. We have set out a few videos which we think are usable in the garden by most of our young cricketers but we encourage you to browse the huge variety of videos on the My Cricket Coach site to find the videos which work best for your youngster.


  • The set up

We understand that every young (and old) cricketer likes nothing more than to hit the ball hard. But underpinning the ability to do this is some basic guidance that we would encourage every young cricketer to master. The steps in this video can be practised in the garden or in the kitchen. Better still find a long mirror and let the young cricketers look at themselves. Parents, if you can help your young cricketers find a comfortable, balanced batting position, that will go a long way to help them. Remember that they should keep their heads level and still!

  • The Cover Drive

Here is your opportunity to practise and learn one of the most elegant shots in the book with drills that can be done in the smallest of spaces. Focus on that transfer of weigh towards the ball with the head still to achieve a clean contact with the ball.

  • Other Batting drills you can do at home

This is just an example of the variety of other videos available.


  • Delivery stride

This can be practiced in front of a mirror, in the garden and with or without a ball.  Note the emphasis on the eyes remaining level, the front foot pointing towards the target and the front arm being pulled down tight to the body.  Remember how it feels when you practice it. No matter how experienced a bowler you are, it is always worth checking your delivery stride.

  • Three Stages of Bowling

This focuses on the checkpoints for the three main stages of bowling.  It can be done walking for the Senior Soft Ball group or with a jump for more experienced bowlers.  As with the delivery stride note that the eyes are level and the front foot and front arm are directed towards the target.


  • Combination fielding drill

This fielding drill can, more easily, be carried out by throwing the ball to the fielder. The throw can either be for a catch, to stop using a Long Barrier or Collect running in to field. As an option the fielder can also throw at the stumps rather than to the coach/parent – use 6 stumps if you need a bigger target for the throw or 1 to make it smaller.

  • Throwing the cricket ball

Every youngster wants to throw the ball hard – so do most adults. The most effective way to do this is to follow the advice in this video. If the coach/parent practices this throwing action it should improve their throw too!

  • The Long Barrier

This may seem a simple activity but coordinating the knee drop and positioning the hands and getting in line with the ball takes quite a bit of practice to start with. To make it more challenging throw the ball to the side of the fielder so they have to get in position and then complete the barrier and stop the ball.

  • Collecting the ball running in

This video focuses on how to collect the ball after it has been hit on the ground towards the fielder. This is at least one step on from the Long Barrier but a useful reference point even for the youngest cricketers.