Player Profile – Jonathan Chambers

ATJCName: Jonathan Chambers AKA ‘JC’. Formerly known as ‘Alan’ after Alan Titchmarsh. This was due to a mistaken belief that I was a professional gardener.

Occupation: I work in a shed at the bottom of my garden. Not as a professional gardener, but as an investigator of solicitors who cannot behave (a very limited number I should add). Doing my job has taught me that there really is always a reasonable excuse to cover the most objectionable of behaviour.

Cricket Specialty: In 2018 I have developed a new anchor role as lucky talisman. The stats will show that no league game has been lost in which I have played (true at the date of publication!). The stats will also show that my personal contribution has amounted to a leg bye and running a team mate out. Surely proof that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Formerly a late order slogger, reasonable fielder and a very dodgy keeper.

Highest Score: 72 not out for my school 2nd XI. The pinnacle of my cricketing career. For Speldhurst I have scored a few half centuries, including a 100+ opening partnership. Some also say that my keeping performance at Matfield qualifies as a half century – unfortunately it was in byes and must be a club record!

Best Bowling Figures: Hmmm. 6 in a row on the cut bit.

Speldhurst Cricket Club History: Joined the club in 2001 having passed a late-night selection interview process in the Northfields. I have played on and off ever since, including some enjoyable tours and our return to the league back in about 2003. For a few years I was involved in the junior section. It is very rewarding to see a handful of those going on to play adult cricket and contribute to the club’s success.

Cricketing Heroes: Sir Ian Botham and Freddie Flintoff. Not the greatest players technically, but two of the most inspirational sportsman of my time. Capable of winning matches single handed and rousing teams to play with a swagger and self-belief. They do not make them like that anymore.

Favourite Cricket Moments: “The batsman’s Holding. The bowler’s Willey.” 40 years later, this still brings a smile to my face. Absolutely priceless!

During my years playing at the hallowed St Mary’s Stadium I have seen the bizarre and the ridiculous. My favourites are Howards’ trousers falling down on a regular basis, the umpire’s call of “Wide ball. Over”, and the very heavily red wine stained mouth and teeth of Dixie after a president’s match. Jimmy Hughes’ barnstorming ton at Bidborough a few seasons ago to win the match is my pick of the ‘proper’ cricket moments.

Song I’d most like to hear played as I walk out to bat: Thunderstruck by AC/DC.

Preferred G&D Beverage: Harveys. Well Larkins. Or more precisely anything cold that is handed to me in a glass.