Player Profile – Dave Booth

Name: Dave BoothWhatsApp Image 2018-08-12 at 14.11.14

Occupation: Physio. But not the kind you can ask about your bad knee. Please stop asking. I don’t care.

Cricket Specialty: Bowling trundle while batsmen make unforced errors. Trying to hit boundaries at inappropriate times of an innings. Pretending I can field

Highest Score: 120* against Tenterden (for Linden Park).

Best Bowling Figures: 6/26 against Tenterden (again) until very recently, they are now 6/22 against Horsmonden.

Speldhurst Cricket Club History: I don’t remember joining the club. As far as I’m concerned I’ve been a member my whole life. I used to enjoy cricket a fair amount until I discovered beer. The discovery of a few beers after the game (at aged 18, of course) made me fall in love with the game even more. This was enhanced further on multiple tours. I took a sabbatical from village cricket in 2013 to play some “slap and tickle” Kent League Cricket, which turns out is very dull. I am now back and genuinely loving playing cricket again for the first time in years. Speldhurst is a very special place, which has become clear to me since returning from another club.

Cricketing Heroes: Ian Harvey for the slower ball. Shaun Pollock for control of seam position. Ian Bell for batting beautifully. Oliver O’Creiphe for effective fielding.

Favourite Cricket Moments: Did I tell you about Tenterden? But in proper cricket, my personal favourite was breaking the Speldhurst record for most wickets in a season. A Phil Harrison catch was the recording-breaking moment. Winning the Groombridge sixes by being the best and drunkest team in the competition. Being the first bowler to be hit into the new village hall’s french doors. Playing stupid (and sometimes dangerous) games in the field with Jimmy Hughes. Maintaining eye contact throughout the whole delivery is a favourite.

Song I’d most like to hear played as I walk out to bat: If I had to pick it would obviously be Mr Brightside because of my cheery nature. But I actually hate music at cricket.

Preferred G&D Beverage: Not fussed, but I’ll have a jug of it!