Training videos for our youngest cricketers

Junior cricketers and their parents have had the opportunity for lots of practice in the garden this Summer. These videos, made by our coaches and their families, are ideal for youngsters, in School Years up to year 3, to try out at home.


This first activity is designed for the least experienced of our young cricketers.

By sweeping the ball they become used to hit the ball at a large target with the middle to bottom of the blade of the bat. As they become more proficient, they can aim to hit smaller targets.

Note that the target is always kept close to the striker of the ball for all batting activities, thus minimising the risk of lost balls or damaged property!


The second activity uses a large ball, or a small ball as confidence is gained, hit off a short cone which can be made from cutting off the top of a soft drink bottle. The key parts of the stroke are:

  • Stand with the ball between the two feet about one foot (30cm) away
  • Focus on a point on the top of the ball and keep that focus the whole way through the shot
  • Swing the bat back in a straight line
  • Swing through the ball in a straight line

If a parent wants to help with this activity then stand to one side and video the shot to check whether the head stays still throughout the shot as this is key to a clean strike.


The third activity is similar to the second but the ball is dropped underarm, from the position shown, so it bounces once and is then struck into the target. As in the previous activity the key is a simple back lift and follow through and a STILL HEAD.


We have had to use flower pots instead of cones here! The back foot is pointing towards the cone/pot and the front foot pointing towards the target.  The aim is to have the right arm and the right leg moving together.  It is always worth checking that the arm is in line with the target. Many young cricketers bring back the arm at an angle, which makes it is more difficult to bowl the ball straight. 


The same set up in terms of feet, but bowling overarm with a straight arm.  The idea is to have the arm and leg coming through at the same time. Note how Charlie’s eyes are fixed on the target and where the right leg is at the point of delivery. 


Side on view: Start by balancing on the back leg – this can be harder than Charlie makes it look so may need separate practice. Once balanced complete the action in the video above. There is a flowerpot further on and in line with the target for Charlie to follow through to.  Note how long he remains upright, with his focus remaining on the target.  Ideally his back leg would have been further forward by the time he releases the ball. 

Rear view.  Note how the arm is high, and that the arm (and therefore, the ball) go in the same direction as his front foot is pointing.  The bowling arm is straight behind him which helps with the high arm on delivery and his leading arm is tucked tightly into his body.  Also, the follow through is in the direction the ball goes. Again, his back leg is slightly behind and ideally would be further through the action like in the video #2.