Updates to personal data

As the number of members in the Club continues to expand, principally through All Stars Cricket, the need to keep accurate information on members has increased and the regulatory environment has become more onerous. No SCC members reading this will have escaped the snowstorm of email messages from businesses seeking your permission to keep communicating with you!

Sports Clubs are not exempt from the GDPR legislation which drove the snowstorm, but the Club has decided to use the legal requirements placed on us to completely rebuild the SCC Membership database, so we have reliable up to date information on critical matters like emergency contact and medical conditions for our young cricketers.

At the same time, we have migrated our email platform to MailChimp, a communication system which is widely used and more closely meets the Club’s requirements.

The project to rebuild the database and migrate systems began in January and was very effectively led by Edward Pinnell with great support from a small team of members, two of whom: Ben Harrison, for his MailChimp expertise, and Abi Dawson for inputting swathes of consent forms to the new database, are worthy of mention.

MailChimp went live in mid-May and has been used for all Club communication since that date. At the same time, the database is being transferred into the hands of Nicki Howell, the Club’s Membership Secretary for all future changes to information held within the database.

If you have any questions to ask about Personal Data, please contact me or Nicki.