Player Profile – Pat Green

Name: Pat Green aka Flat Pat formerly Fat Pat

Occupation: PE ‘teacher’

Cricket Speciality: Cursing at myself and throwing a variety of strops for all manner of reasons.

Cricketing History: I played junior cricket at Hadlow and then Sevenoaks Vine. I then, absurdly, played for many years at Tunbridge Wells Borderers, I now see my failing. I joined Speldhurst as a ‘Sunday only’ player a fair few years ago. I’ve played for Bournemouth University and famously Dorset 2nd XI and now simply play when I can for Speldhurst on Saturdays.

Highest Score: 138 for Penshurst vs Linton Park in a midweek Game. Otherwise 105 last season for Speldhurst v Locksbottom, quite a proud moment for me to get a league hundred for the club.

Best bowling figures: I’m not so sure on, I believe something like 5-13.

Cricketing Heroes: Mark Ealham without a doubt, and Samit Patel. They gave hope to a young man of a distinct build.

Favourite Cricketing Moments: So many. Simon Jones to Michael Clarke, the best dismissal in history. Any time Pete Colman ran in to bowl. Any time Andy Brown batted, especially on the last tour to date. Getting hit for 38 in an over by whatever-his-name-was at Groombridge Sixes. Joining the elite ‘Tour Hundreds Club’. Winning the summer slog on every occasion I have played. But number one must be hearing a fine gentleman by the name of ‘Batesy’ telling me he had been “waiting 50 years for that ball” after he hit me for the largest six I have ever witnessed.

Ambitions for the Season: Got to be promotion really. It’s about time.

The song I’d most like to hear played as I walk out to bat: My Hero – Foo Fighters

Preferred G&D Beverage: Staropramen – The real man’s drink